Trip to the Vet's

Well, we had an adventure yesterday. I took Legolas to the vet's for his 16 week shots. Everyone went oooh/aaah and held him and he was happy to see everyone and everything. So they filled him full of shots and sent us home. We fed the dogs their supper, went out to potty, then John and I went out to grab a bite to eat. We got home 45 minutes later, rushed to let the dogs out and then, as I was giving them their treats, I got a good look at Legolas. His little face had swollen up to double its normal size, so much so that his eyes were half closed.


We went over to my Mom's for Christmas. Of course, Legolas was the hit of the party. He was very good and did not even mess in the house.

He sleeps through the night now, which I appreciate!

He sits for his dinner and for his treats and we are working on down.

He has now been introduced to the forced air dryer and to the vacuum cleaner--no problem with either.


This past weekend we went up to a NADAC trial in Murfreesboro--Chaucer, Legolas and me. Socialization is not a problem! He was interested in everyone and everything. Of course, everyone wanted to speak to him and to hold him.

Legolas at 14 weeks

Legolas continues to grow and develop--his legs are so long now!

He is beginning to understand that he must sit before he gets his treat.

Housebreaking is slow...he understands that ouside is a good place to do his business. He does not quite understand however that inside is NOT a good place to do his business! He goes 4 to 5 hours in his crate overnight, however. We only get up once during the night.

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